My Story


In 2017 I entered a program called Web Applications and Game Development at Live Oaks Career Campus in Milford, Ohio. I learned how to make my first webpage and many more, and was thrilled with it. My friends had liked the game development aspect of the class, while I seemed to be the only one in my class loving the idea of designing websites. This was my entry point into web design.

Picture Of Me

2019 - Present

I decided to attend college at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has been a great learning experience for me. I had so many questions about code after leaving Live Oaks, and have had them all answered at Cincinnati State. I also gained a Co-op position at Hypernova Technologies in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been able to further my knowledge on Web Development as well, by coding in a language called React Js through my Co-op oppurtunity at Hypernova Technologies.